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August 28, 2021: An Essential Tool to Help Floridians Stay Safe on the Road

Florida's Guide to Safe Mobility for Life is a free handbook designed to help Florida’s road users achieve mobility independence, learn how to enhance safe driving skills and, if necessary, build a transportation plan that explores life beyond the driver’s seat.

The Guide includes worksheets and state and local resources that help build a transportation plan that works for you. It lists ride providers and many other safe driving resources. Order it to be mailed to you or download it one of several formats at:


Finally, according to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida drivers 55 or older can save from 3 percent to 10 percent a year for three years by taking the Mature Drivers traffic school course. The savings are mandatory and apply to all insurance companies. The $14.95 cost of the program is more than covered by the savings on the cost of your insurance policy.

You can see more information and sign up here.

June 8, 2021: Discount Drugs
Do you want to receive a free discount on your next drug purchase? Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes has drug discount cards from three different providers: Goodrx, Neighborhood Outreach Program and Singlecare. All the cards are accepted at Walgreens, CVS and Walmart and each is also accepted at several other places.

Let us know if you want a discount card by calling 850-901-7818 or e-mail to A volunteer will deliver the card(s) to your front door.

Thanks to the Alzheimers Project ( for making the cards available to N3.

May 11, 2021: Please go to our Home page and read Sandra Neidert's moving statement on why she volunteers with Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes.

February 21, 2021:  Getting the Most Out of Our Masks

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) has published new guidance highlighting findings from two studies on improving the performance of cloth and medical procedure masks. The new guidance emphasizes the importance of mask fit. CDC's Improve the Fit and Filtration of Your Mask to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 page offers some suggestions to maximize the performance of cloth and procedural masks and a video shows how you can "knot and tuck" a procedural mask to improve fit. (From the Administration for Community Living,, 2/13/2021)

Go to to read this new guidance.
February 11, 2021: For elders who have not received two
coronavirus vaccinations
and their friends
The Florida Department of Health in Leon County website is open to schedule appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination. Go to: An elder may also call 866-200-3856 to make an appointment.    
Elders who have not had two vaccination shots and who have no plans to get one elsewhere can make appointments. The Department of Health priorities at this time are: people 65 and older; long-term facility residents and staff; healthcare personnel with direct patient contact and individuals extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.
Note that elders with dementia should be vaccinated as soon as possible because their ability to recover is less than the general population’s.
Please tell your neighbors about this ESPECIALLY if you know any who have not had both shots for the vaccination and who do not use a computer. Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes will make an appointment at the Department of Health website for anyone who cannot do that themselves. And we will drive elders to their appointments. Call us at 850-901-7818. Vaccinations are occurring at 2965 Municipal Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304.

If you do not meet the priority criteria listed above, sign up now to receive email updates to learn when you will be eligible to receive the vaccine. Go to the web site shown above.

December 28, 2020: No Contact Grocery Shopping

Even though the coronavirus vaccine has arrived in Florida, we still have to take care, perhaps even more care now that the virus is peaking again. Since we still need groceries, no matter the rate of virus spread, here are suggestions for getting groceries the safest way possible. This information is provided courtesy of Indianhead resident and retired Sociology professor Leslie Innis.

To use Publix, Walmart and Target no-contact grocery shopping, you must have a computer, Internet and a credit or debit card. All three stores will assemble a grocery order and have it ready for pick up inside or outside a store. All also deliver to homes.

There are variations among the three providers. For example, Publix adds a 10% fee onto its in-store shopping while Target and Walmart do not. Not all items are available via on-line ordering at Target. There are different minimum order requirements: $10 at Publix and $35 at Walmart. Delivery fees vary: $7.95 at Walmart, $9.99 at Target and Publix is free for orders over $35. Times between ordering and pick up vary.

Go to the on-line store apps and order the groceries including selecting the method of pick up or delivery.




If it is just too complicated to order on-line, call Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (850-901-7818) and we will walk you through it.

December 24, 2020: Watch out for COVID-19 vaccine scams!

As the country begins to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, there's no doubt scammers are already scheming.

Medicare covers the COVID-19 vaccine, so there will be no cost to you. If anyone asks you to share your Medicare Number or pay for access to the vaccine, you can bet it's a scam. 

 More Info


Here's what to know:

  • You can't pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine.
  • You can't pay to get early access to a vaccine.
  • Don't share your personal or financial information if someone calls, texts, or emails you promising access to the vaccine for a fee.

If you come across a COVID-19 vaccine scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission or call 1-800-MEDICARE. And check out for trustworthy information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

December 23, 2020: Groceries Available

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) occasionally learns about basic grocery items available from a food pantry associated with Second Harvest of the Big Bend or from neighborhood gardens. When available, this food can be delivered to residents in Indianhead/Lehigh who have trouble getting enough food for their households.

If you would like to be notified when food is available, please contact N3 now at 850-901-7818 or Also, please let your neighbors know about this, especially those without Internet. Confidentiality guaranteed.

October 12, 2020: Thank You!

Dear Indianhead/Lehigh residents,

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) is honored and humbled by the response of Indianhead/Lehigh residents to our recent fundraising appeal. Donations from 62 people ranged from $10 - $2,000! Money came in the form of checks, through our web site and some appeared at the front door of our Heechee Nene address. The total amount raised up to October 5th was $7,815. Thank you, everyone!

We will now seek additional support in different ways from inside and outside Indianhead/Lehigh from foundations, donor advised funds and interested individuals. The idea is to have $25,000 in the bank so we can hire a part time coordinator for a year. We will use that year and subsequent years to continue raising funds to support paid staff permanently. Ultimately, we hope to have an endowment fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida.

We are grateful for Indianhead/Lehigh residents’ support for N3’s efforts to help elders stay in their homes as long as possible as they age. No other neighborhood in Tallahassee shows as much empathy for its older residents. Indianhead/Lehigh is awesome!


Board of Directors
Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes

Marda Messick, Janice Hartwell, Karen Kebart, Betsy Tabac

P.S. If you would like to help N3 reach its goals by joining our Board of Directors, please call 850-901-7818 or e-mail
September 3, 2020: Talk with a Friend

Don’t let the pandemic get you down. Get to know one of your Indianhead/Lehigh neighbors better. Talk about what’s on your mind. Make a new friend.

Elders over 65 can do that, at no charge, by participating in Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes’ Friendly Phone Call service. An elder and a volunteer talk on the phone weekly or less often, depending on what the elder wants. It is a great way to reduce the isolation and loneliness we are all experiencing while socially distancing. Call 850-901-7818 or email to sign up!
Just think. Here’s one time when you won’t have to wear a mask!

September 1, 2020:  Financial Help With Home Repairs

Seniors and other city residents with annual incomes below $69,840 (two-person household) have a good opportunity for financial help with home repairs through the Tallahassee’s CARES Home Repair Program. (The income cut-off is higher for larger households.) The need for repair assistance must be related to the pandemic such as loss of income or increased health costs. Types of repairs include some plumbing, faulty wiring, roof repair or replacement and must be for the home in which the applicant resides.

The maximum grant is $15,000 and only one repair may be considered. The home must be insured, receiving the property tax homestead exemption and current on property taxes.
Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and funds must be expended no later than December 30, 2020. To begin the application process, set up an account online at:
If assistance is needed, call the city's Housing Division at 850-891-6566 or email

July 30, 2020: Too True!

July 22, 2020: This Land is Your Land

There is a little known program available to Tallahassee residents that refunds donations to local political candidates. The idea is to encourage small donors to participate in local elections. Here are details.

- The program applies to contributions to city commission candidates who file with the Supervisor of Elections even if the candidate does not make it past the primary election;

- It covers donations made up to election day;

- The maximum refund is $25 even if more was donated to one or more candidates;

- Only voters registered in Tallahassee may receive refunds;

- Refunds issued only for donations made in the current election cycle;

- A claim form and receipts from candidates’ campaign committees must be submitted to receive refund.

To request a claim form via computer, go to, select the Our City tab, then Ethics Board, then half-way down the page, go to Campaign Contribution Refund Program and select request a refund. . . . Residents without access to a computer, call 850-891-6552 to request the form. Leave a message if necessary and someone will return the call. The submission deadline for this year’s campaign cycle is January 20, 2021.

To receive a $25 refund, the form and receipts should be submitted to You may also send it via U.S. mail or deliver in person to the Independent Ethics Board, 300 South Adams Street, A-25, Tallahassee, FL 32301. The refund claim form and receipts for this election cycle must be received at the Board no later than January 15, 2021.

April 9, 2020: Creative Thinking About Old-age

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3), Indianhead/Lehigh’s aging-in-place organization, wants residents of any age to use some of their stay-at-home time to think about old age - anything having to do with old age. Topics could include:
  • Anybody’s old age – their own, their grandmothers’, their children’s;
  • Any aspect of old age – what it is like to be old; the joys, fears, pleasures, pains of being old;
  • Old age at any point in history – current, future, 10,000 years ago;
  • Good movies or TV shows involving elders;
  • Anything at all about old age.
Write your thoughts down and send them to our e-mail:
Articles may include author’s name, a pseudonym or no author at all. We will post as many of the articles we receive as possible to our e-mail lists, Facebook and at our website. The three best articles, judged by three neighborhood elders, will be posted permanently at our website, with credit to the authors if desired.

Another thought: call a neighbor who does not use e-mail and tell him/her about this contest. Promise you will send whatever they write about old age to N3’s e-mail.

February 5th, 2020:  Art for N3: A Silent Auction at Nene Fest -- and a Sneak Peek on April 11 - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) is holding a silent auction of local artists’ work at Nene Fest as a fundraiser to help us provide more services to older adults in our community.

But first, mark your calendars for the special preview event!  “Art for N3: A Sneak Peek” will be held on April 11, 2020 from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. at a residence in Indianhead.  Enjoy wine and cheese while you learn about art to be auctioned during the first two hours of Nene Fest, on April 25, 2020 from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.  Sneak Peek attendees will have a chance at raffles for prizes, as well as a surprise special opportunity!  Event tickets are $10, with all proceeds benefiting N3.  Buy your ticket at N3 Sneak Peek

February 11th, 2020:  Have a will?

Everyone should have a will and Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes can tell you all about them. Join us on Sunday, February 16 at 3:15 – 4:15 at Optimist Park Community Center to hear attorney Jami Coleman provide details on what wills should cover and how to insure they are enforced.
Plan to stay after the presentation for cookies and companionship.

Please let us know you will attend. E-mail to or call 850-901-7818.

January 13, 2020:  Live Longer and Smarter

Want to learn how to live longer and smarter? Plan to attend a Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes program on January 19, 3:15 at Optimist Park Community Center. Leslie Spencer from AARP will give us all the answers.

Please RSVP to 850-901-7818 or Plan to stay for cookies!

Image from

December 11, 2019: N3 Wins Neighborhood Award

It is so great to be recognized!! Last night, Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes won the Best Neighborhood Program – Social Improvement award from the City of Tallahassee. Eight other neighborhoods applied for the award.

In the application, N3 had to tell the city about the critical needs our program addresses and describe the impact the program has on the neighborhood and/or the larger community.

We are grateful to the Indianhead/Lehigh Neighborhood Association for inviting N3 to apply for this award and are very happy to have received it. Our success depends on the many volunteers who provide direct services to clients or who help with administrative tasks. Our thanks to one and all.

December 9, 2019: Older Americans Act Extended!

AARP reports that the U. S. House of Representatives unanimously voted to extend the Older Americans Act with a seven percent increase in funding for 2020 and additional increases in subsequent years. This act, originally passed in 1965, funds Meals on Wheels, rides and support programs for the very frail. Let’s hear it for good news from Washington, D.C.!!!

November 11, 2019:  Candace McKibben and Ethical Wills

What is an ethical will and how do you create one?  Join noted Tallahassee minister Candace McKibben at our next Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes’ educational program, Sunday November 17 at 3:00 at the community center, 1806 E. Indianhead Drive.

Let us know if you plan to attend: email or call 850-901-7818. As always, homemade cookies and friendly chats with neighbors are part of the program.

October 3, 2019:  Gadgets for Geezers

Sunday, October 20 3:00 to 5:00
Optimist Park Community Center
Rides provided to and from community center

Changes in technology are occurring so fast it is nearly impossible to keep up with them. However, new devices coming on the market can provide significant value for elders choosing to stay in their homes as long as possible as they age.

Join us on October 20th while Josh Flesch shows us some of the most relevant and lowest-cost items we can all benefit from. Plan to stay around after the presentation to meet neighbors and eat home-made cookies.

Please RSVP
to or 850-901-7818


September 30, 2019:  Happy hour and garage sale - what can be better than that?

Add a good cause and the ingredients for a perfect start to the weekend are in place.

Sandy Neidert and Spurgeon Smith at 2029 Chowkeebin are hosting this Friday, October 4th at 5:30 p.m. Stop by after work, have a beer or glass of wine, chat with neighbors, and maybe buy some stuff.

Sandy helped an N3 neighbor declutter and now she needs to sell all the goodies. Costume jewelry, loads of funky hats, purses galore, wigs for Halloween, and other interesting finds! All proceeds go to the elder neighbor.

August 25, 2019: Property tax savings for seniors

Most homeowners are aware of the homestead tax exemption available for all homeowners in Leon County. There are three additional exemptions elders could also take advantage of.

     * LOW INCOME SENIOR EXEMPTION - To be eligible for this exemption the highest allowable annual income for 2019 is $30,174. Can reduce the assessed value of house up to $25,000.

     *LONG-TERM SENIOR RESIDENT EXEMPTION - 1) Must qualify for the low-income senior exemption, 2) lived in the same house for the last 25 years and 3) have a home market value of less than $250,000. Households meeting these criteria will pay no property taxes.

     *COMBAT-RELATED DISABILITY EXEMPTION FOR SENIORS - Must be a vet with partial or total combat-related disability and have an honorable discharge. Tax reduction is tied to amount of disability.

More information: Leon County Property Appraiser - 850-606-6200

August 17, 2019: Great Resource for Topics Relevant to Elders

Want to know how much assisted living facilities cost? Who provides care for older Americans needing assistance?

These and other topics relevant to elders are addressed accurately and briefly every week on radio station WFSU by FSU's Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy and the Claude Pepper Center. Indianhead/Lehigh elders can hear about these topics any time at home by going on the internet to Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy

Select the 1-minute program of interest from the more than 60 offered.

Programs from July 9, May 7 and April 30 (all 2019) are especially relevant to elders planning to stay in their homes as long as possible as they age.

July 14, 2019:  Join the Fun!


Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes continues its every Tuesday dinner at Cabos throughout the summer. No reservation required, arrive around 5:30, stay as long as you want, order a drink or dinner or nothing. Lots of fun.

June 9, 2019:  Surveys Continuing

Elders 75 - 84 years of age received a letter from Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes explaining a survey we are conducting to better understand issues facing older residents. Many of you have already been contacted by your interviewer. However, we were not able to locate telephone numbers for everyone so if you received the May 2019 letter and have not heard from us, please call so we can talk with you about the survey and set up an interview. 850-901-7818.

June 9, 2019:  Meet and Greets

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes has held three “meet and greets” recently where 10 to 12 elders gather at a home near where they live to meet elder neighbors living near them. The idea is to create an opportunity for neighbors to organize whatever social activities they want to do together. For example, one group is gathering for board games near Atapha and Mount Batten.

If you would like to host a meet and greet, let us know. 850-901-7818 or We provide the invitations, mailing list. The host/hostess provides simple refreshments.

Take the NEW AARP Smart Driver™ Course and you could reduce your overall maintenance and Car Insurance costs!*

• Refresh your driving skills and learn the
new rules of the road.
• Learn research-based driving strategies to help you stay safe behind the wheel.
• Plus, there are no tests to pass. $15 for AARP Members, $20 for Non Members.

Sign up today!

The following is a list of Smart Driver Classes for
May thru July, 2019 in Leon County.  
Seating is limited. Please call for details and to register.
To register, please call:  850-514-0011

Westminster Oaks (Sat) May 11th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Leon County School Board (Mon) May 13th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Allegro Assisted Living (Tues) May 14th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m
Hermitage Office Park (Fri) June 14th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Mulligan Park (Tues) July 16th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Is Your House Getting All the Help
It is Entitled To?

Keeping our houses in good repair is essential for comfortable and safe aging in place. But "good repairs" don't happen by themselves. Programs available from the city and the county may provide assistance.

Come to Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes' May program to learn about them.

Sunday May 19

3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Optimist Park Community Center
1806 E. Indianhead Drive

RSVP to or 850-901-7818.

Safe Driving for Geezers on the Go


Driving a car is an important activity for elders who are aging in place. Staying
safe while driving is essential.


There are many little and not so little adjustments elders can make and practices to observe that ensure good driving for a long time. Learn all about them on Sunday, April 28th at Optimist Park Community Center, 1806 E. Indianhead Drive.


The program is 3:30 – 4:30, then stay for refreshments and visiting with neighbors.


RSVP to or 850-901-7818.

In collaboration with the Tallahassee Senior Center

Get Out Tuesdays!

Don’t forget that next week we are back to Get Out Tuesdays at Cabos, Tuesday 3/12 at 5:30 – 7:00. Everyone in Indianhead/Lehigh is invited to have dinner or a drink. Very informal, no reservations, come and go as your schedule permits. This is an every-Tuesday event.

If you need a ride, contact Connie Beane at 877-1845.

More information: 901-7818 or

Home Security for Elders

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes continues its education programs on March 17th with a presentation by the Tallahassee Police Department on Home Security for Elders. Find out about monitors, best financial practices and other topics to be safe and secure at home.

        Sunday, March 17,    3:30 – 4:30,  followed by refreshments
        Optimist Park Community Center, 1806 E. Indianhead Drive

In collaboration with the Tallahassee Senior Center

Just a Little Sweetness

From a volunteer who recently received a thank you cake from Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes:

"The neighborhood cake lady didn’t make a mere cake for me. She made a masterpiece! Superb chocolate frosting with a tree’s worth of pecans embedded in it...layers of perfect yellow cake that could only have been made from scratch...and even a layer of cherry jam. Absolutely amazing."


Home-Fit Program

January 31, 2019: How can we make our homes “fit” us as we age? Our needs change and houses have to change too if we want to stay in them for the rest of our lives.

Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes is sponsoring AARP’s free Home-Fit program on:

Sunday, February 17th,   3:30 – 5:00 pm
Optimist Park Community Center    

Learn how even small changes can make a home more secure and comfortable for elderly residents
and then linger for light refreshments.

Please RSVP to 850-901-7818 or Call for a free ride to the community center.

Home Maintenance Referrals

December 23, 2018: Hopefully you won’t need a furnace repair anytime soon, but if you do, we’ve got you covered. Also electricians, plumber and handypersons. Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes can now make referrals for home maintenance projects. We even know someone who can fix a problem chimney or fireplace. Call 901-7818.

Yard Gone Wild? Call N3 For Help!

December 4, 2018: Right after we posted on Facebook that we have volunteers to help with yard clean up, two elders took us up on the offer. Now, you can too. If you are 65+ and need help with your yard, call us. We refer to neighborhood volunteers and to yard service companies. Call Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes at 901-7818.

Know an Elder Who Could Use Our Services?

November 26, 2018: Do you know an elder who could use our services? Have you talked to him or her about us? Please suggest that the elder call us at 850.901.7818. We are actively seeking to serve elders 65 years or older in Indianhead/Lehigh who could benefit from our services. Go to the home page  of this web site for a complete list of services that are available.

Know an Elder Who Needs a Cake?

November 19, 2018: One of our elder households received a birthday cake today. Hand-made and hand-delivered by another elder neighbor, the cake reflects the compassion and friendly spirit so abundant in Indianhead/Lehigh.

If you know an elder who would love to receive a cake, tell him/her to call us: 901-7818. It doesn’t have to be for a birthday. Returning home after surgery or rehab, missing distant family members, or just wanting a hand-made dessert – any reason or no reason will do.

Rides To Optimist To Vote!


November 30,2018: Elders 65+ years of age who need a ride to Optimist Park to vote on November 6th can call Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes, 850-901-7818 to request a ride. No charge.

Finally! Help With Yard Work!

October 30, 2018: Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) now makes referrals for yard work. If you want assistance from neighbor volunteers, call us. If you want a referral to paid yard service contractors, call us.

All volunteers have background checks. Contractors are neighborhood businesses and/or providers recommended by Indianheaders. All contractors are reviewed by Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes. We know the differences in the services they provide so we can make the exact right referral for you. Call 850-901-7818.

Don’t forget N3 also refers to assistance for meals, transportation, grocery shopping and other errands and picking up meds. Plus, there is the weekly gathering at Cabos and transportation to Brain, Body, Balance. Go to for more information or call 901-7818.

Help us grow by joining our working board.

October 17, 2018: Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) is dedicated to helping Indianhead/Lehigh residents 65+ years of age stay in their homes as long as possible as they age. We are an innovative, flexible yet structured, unique-to-neighborhood service addressing the needs of the growing number of elderly.

Your time, plus your compassion and relevant experience are “all” that are required. If you are a CPA, fund raising professional, insurance expert, lawyer or an I.T. professional, please contact or call 850-901-7818.


Rides to Exercise in the Hood

October 2, 2018: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 there is an exercise class sponsored by The Senior Center for seniors at the Optimist Park community center.  If you need a ride to the classes, call Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes at 850-901-7818. We’d be glad to take you there and back.

At the class, some of us groan when pushing into minute two of the stand-up exercise; others express audible relief when another difficult movement is finally finished. Not everyone can do all the movements and there is no stigma in that! The leader accommodates all ability levels. It is a good stretch and flexibility work out for everyone.

Are you 65+? Do you need a meal delivered to your door? We’ve got you covered.

September 20, 2018: Thanks to generous and talented volunteers, Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes will arrange for a healthy meal to appear at your front door. Tell your friend across the street who just had hip replacement about this free service. Tell any elder in the hood about it.
This new service is available to elders in Indianhead/Lehigh needing meals for a pre-determined length of time.

We would love to hear from you to request a service or to volunteer. Call us at 850-901-7818.

Trash Pickup – Help is Available

September 18, 2018: For residential single-family customers who are not physically able to roll their carts to the curb, the City will provide premium residential service at the same cost as standard residential service. Eligibility is based on an application, which includes certification by the customer and a physician.
For additional information regarding this program, you may also visit:

Applications may be submitted electronically by email or fax to 850-891-0901. You may also mail it to:

City of Tallahassee Utilities
Helping Hands Service
435 N Macomb St.
Tallahassee, FL 32301


New service for Indianhead/Lehigh elders!

August 1, 2018:  Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes can now pick up and deliver prescription medications for elders (65 and above) who cannot get to the pharmacy themselves. We also know of other options for receiving meds at home. CALL US at 850-901-7818. We would be glad to assist you.

Swing at Optimist Park

Free Assistance Devices

July 10, 2018:  If you know a neighbor who might need a cane, walker, shower chair, hand-held shower head, or other durable medical equipment FOR FREE, please tell him or her to call:  Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes

Ed Gines, an Indianhead resident and Senior Solutions Specialist at Elder Care Services, knows where to find these assistive devices.

Are you willing to help?

July 2, 2018:  Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes is setting up a program to visit as many homes of elderly Indianhead/Lehigh residents as possible. Volunteers are being recruited, we’re organizing materials for volunteers to take with them when they go to the homes, and a short, simple training session is being finalized.

If you would like to visit neighbors this summer and even into September, please let us know by e-mail using the contact page in this web site.