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CORONAVIRUS - A Scammer’s Dream

There is nothing like a world-wide health crisis to bring out the underbelly of society.  Now there are fake miracle cures and a proliferation of scam artists trying to profit off coronavirus.  Please do not leap into their arms. And be aware that the over-65 crowd is a prime target.

Things to remember about Medicare:
  • Medicare will never contact you for your Medicare number or other personal information unless you’ve given them permission in advance.
  • Medicare will never call to sell you anything.
  • You may get calls from people promising you things if you give them a Medicare umber. Don’t do it.
  • Medicare will never visit you at your home.
  • Medicare can’t enroll you over the phone unless you called first.
The following are excellent web pages about scams:

And last but not least, if your grandchildren call needing money because of a crisis, CALL THEM BACK OR CALL THEIR PARENTS!