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Free Drug Store Deliveries

Prescriptions and other drug store items from CVS or Walgreens at Magnolia and Apalachee delivered to your home in one or two days. For same day service, Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes will pick up a prescription for elders in Indianhead/Lehigh at no charge.

Until further notice, CVS at Apalachee and Magnolia is using U.S. mail for free delivery of prescriptions, other-the-counter drugs, food and many other items the store carries. Register by phone at 850-877-5168.

Walgreens also offers free delivery of prescriptions. Call the pharmacy at 850-877-3023 to sign up to receive text messages. There is an option to receive free delivery by FedEx within a day or two.

Drive Through
Another option is the drive-through pick-up line. Both Walgreens and CVS prepare orders for pick-up for essential non-perishable items like over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies and supplements as well as prescriptions and other items. Money and packages are exchanged through a window so there is no physical contact with drugstore staff. Just make sure to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after handling the package.

June 2021