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Census Data - Aging in Indianhead/Lehigh

From the 2010 census:

    Total residents:  1,563
    Total households:  749 occupied
    Individuals 55+:  495      31% of total residents

  From voter registration list, August 2019

    Residents 60+ years of age = 577
    Residents 65+                        = 405
    Residents 75+                        = 131
    Residents 85+                        = 53
Note: We have purged the list recently and have not yet added names to replace those purged. The counts shown above are probably a little low for this reason and also because not every resident is a registered voter (although it appears that the vast majority are). Also, we do not have an explanation for the large drop in number of 75+ voters as compared to 65+. It could be that voters leave the neighborhood in large numbers soon after they retire and are replaced with younger residents.