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Demographic information about Indianhead/Lehigh elders


From a 2019 survey conducted by Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes. Information based on results from 74 completed interviews (146 attempted) of elders 75 years of age or older living in Indianhead/Lehigh. Response rate = 51%. Not all respondents answered all questions.


Living situation


     39% lived alone    
     43% lived with spouse or partner

     76% had family nearby

     85% own or co-own their houses




     8 of 74 had annual income of $25,000 or less

     11 had annual income between $25,000 – 49,999

     16 had annual income more than $75,000

     64 of 70 rarely or never had trouble paying monthly bills

     28 of 72 said they could not pay for in-home care


Aging In Place


     38% did not expect to move

     51% may move at some point in the future

     11% expected to move soon




    78% of respondents drove and most felt confident about their driving


Modes of communication


     47% had smart phones

     50 of 67 used computers and were comfortable with e-mail